Michigan Food Plot Services

Food plots are the LEGAL and LOGICAL alternative to baiting.  In the long run a well maintained food plot is cheaper than a supplemental feeding program.  A food plot has the potential to literally provide tons of forage per acre, that forage is also a much higher quality than any you can spread on the ground.  Corn and soybeans in the surrounding fields provide 20% (corn) - 30% (soybeans), protein, a quality food plot can reach near                   50% PROTEIN!!!.  If you don’t think the wildlife can tell the difference, think again!  You will be amazed at the masses of deer and other animals that frequent your plots.  Food plots are also safer for the animals in the prevention of disease and starvation.  Food plots create permanent travel patterns which makes patterning your deer much easier, as opposed to bait piles that only temporarily redirect animals.  How many times have you had a mature buck (3.5 yrs old +) walk in and start eating from your bait pile during daylight hours?  More than likely you haven't in Michigan.  The older deer become, the better they get at avoiding humans.  Food plots solve that problem.  When properly designed, food plots can give you an all day deer parade, including mature bucks!

After we come out to look at your land we will work with you to put together a plan that's best suited for your piece of property.  If less work is required to prepare the plot location we can drastically reduce the cost of our services.  
We prefer to use premium products by:
We also sell seed by the above companies.

Standard Food Plot Services Include:
  Site selection and design
  Site preparation – Minimal chainsaw work 
  Elimination of competitive vegetation 
  Soil test to determine if fertilizer and/or lime are needed
  Seedbed Preparation – disking/tilling, cultipacking, and seeding
**Price is determined and adjusted (+/-) if more/less work is needed to prepare the site**
**Prices include first 150 miles roundtrip**
**Estimates are FREE up to 100 miles roundtrip**

Extra services available:
  Applications of various types of herbicides 
  Application of fertilizer and/or lime – material prices will vary from year to year
  Installation of utilization cages 
  Hunting blind / treestand location and set up
  Create and clear trails 
  Major clearing also available 
  Brush hog work
  Timber management
  Placement and creation of sanctuaries
Consultations also available for the do it yourself type
  * Travel fee + rate to be negotiated per job