Growing up I worked as a landscaper and took pride in making our clients yards look as good as they possibly could.  Even if that resulted in personal sacrifice, whether that be working longer hours or going over an area that was not up to my satisfaction.  I'm a perfectionist and refuse to settle for anything less.  

Over the last 16 years we have researched, studied, experimented, and invested in land management and the benefits of proper nutrition for Whitetail deer and Turkey.  During that time, on a 200 acre parcel we have worked together with the help of several area neighbors to form a Quality Deer Management Cooperative totaling near 5000 acres!!  We have planted several hundred acres of high quality food sources, and set reasonable harvest goals to maximize the number of mature animals on our properties.  As a result of our efforts we are seeing an obvious improvement in body weight and antler size.  We rarely see a doe with only one fawn and have also noticed an increase in the number of triplets being born.  The tree lines that surround our food plots are magnets for rutting bucks and the number of rubs and scrapes that appear in the fall are tremendous.  By creating the proper habitat for your animals you can reduce or even eliminate the need for your bucks to travel to the neighbors’ property, thus increasing your odds for the encounter of a lifetime.  Our passion for landscaping combined with our love for hunting, has fueled our desire to make this company a success.

The series of photos to the right are of a very well established clover field in Gregory Michigan.  The client had me out the first year to plant a one acre plot. He was so impressed with the drawing power that he called us back the next year to plant an additional acre, apply lime, fertilize, and selective herbicides to the initial plot.  2015 will be our 6th year of service for this client!  

Michigan Food Plot Services
7 days after herbicide application. 1 acre plot to be planted in Imperial Clover.
14 days after herbicide. Plot is tilled and ready to plant. 
Clover is about 8 inches tall. Tilled additional acre for fall food plot.
1st mowing of the clover. Imperial Winter Greens are growing well.