Main trail leading away from a 2 acre feeding plot.
On his way to dinner.
Unsure of the camera but not spooked.
Velvet is gone.
Just showing off for the camera.
Can't get enough of the tasty greens.
Apple tree on the edge of a food plot.
October 11th 2009 - taken on his way to the same food plot.
He made it to the food plot for the last time.
Huge stand of Imperial Winter Greens.
Winter Greens is a mixture of various brassica plants.  Also mixed in some purple top turnips for good measure.
Possibly the same 10 in the same plot 1 year prior.
Big guy in the background after last light on the last day of the 08 season.
Several small hunting plots were situated on this property for various wind directions.
Just got done planting as the rain started to fall.
Let there be greens! Growing good after only a week.
Same property, different plot.
Mixture of Imperial Winter Greens and Imperial Clover.
This was the middle of August. The plot was over knee high by hunting season.
Another little hidey hole plot.
Very minimal prep work saved this customer some money.
You can see the difference between the first and second rototilling.A
Another picture showing the difference between first and second tilling.
"If you grow it....They will come!"   Look who showed up on the left to see what was going on.
Ready to cultipack, seed, and cultipack again.
All the work is done, time to do the rain dance.
A week later and we have groceries!
When the rut comes along and the big boys are on their feet you can bet they will be scent checking the food plots for the ladies!
11 point scent checking scapes on the edge of a 2 acre plot of Whitetail Institue's Chicory Plus.
This is the same buck as below that was harvested in 2008.
Provide the food and you'll hold the deer. This buck was shot in 07 by a neighbor, you can see the scar on his back in the pictures below/  Despite the scare he stuck around and put on some size, he looks great on the wall.
Management buck.
Had the same right side 2 years in a row.  Harvested at 3.5 years old.
Yet another daylight sighting of the young 12 point.
December 20th in the daylight!! Same food plot without a worry in his mind!  Would you believe this to be possible in SW lower Michigan after the firearms season?  Here's your proof that our designs work!

Overgrown previosly planted plot.
Decided to till the vegetation under to create organic matter in the soil.
Great soil
Came back after a few weeks to till again and plant. No weeds came back up just brassica from the prior year.
This photo shows the airation that the rototiller puts into the soil.
Planted in a fall food plot.
Let it grow!
Come ere deer!
Michigan Food Plot Services

2.5 acres to be planted
The most important step!!
Timed perfectly around a weather system.
This is the same buck as above.  In 2012 he was a mainframe 12 point that would've scored around 140".  He was harvested by a lucky young neighbor in 2013 and he officially scored 188 6/8!
This 3.5 year old mainframe 12 point showed up on my place this year.  The neighbors had a few sightings but he spent most of his time on my property due to the habitat I created and the low hunting pressure.  This could be your property too!!  He made it throught the season as well.